Advertising brand fees in Nairobi county

Nairobi metropolitan services (NMS) took over partly the running of the Nairobi County from the Nairobi County Government to enable better service delivery.

However, the Nairobi branding advertising rates remained under the County management. The most sought advertising licenses in Nairobi include;

  • Road signage
  • Office signage
  • Shop signage
  • Warehouse signage
  • Wall brand
  • Window brand
  • Roof brand
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Flyers
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How to apply for County signs license  and branding design in Nairobi
Below is a breakdown of popular branding licenses services application fees and annual license fees.
Item Application Fees in Kshs. Annual License fees in Kshs.
Road Signage 1400 1,400  (60cmx120cm)
Office Signage 1400 1M2 @ 2,730
Shop Signage 2800 1M2 @ 2,800
Warehouse Signage (Sky signs) 11,200 1st 1M2 @ 18,200
Wall branding 2800 1st 10M @10,920
Roof Branding 2800 1st 10M @10,920
Banners (Canvas) 1400 1st 1M2 @1,400
Posters   1st 1000 @ 36,400
Flyers   1st 500 per fortnight @ 4,200
Vehicle branding   18,200

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When you are looking forward to applying for the licenses, it is important to consult with an expert for the exact fees and application procedure.

At Designhub Ltd, we have a support team that can quickly get you the licenses, help in graphics design work, fabrication, and installation services while you continue with your daily routine schedule.

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Among other services we offer besides signage includes;

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