7 Best Outdoor Advertising Companies in Kenya

Best Outdoor Advertising Companies in Nairobi Kenya

Outdoor advertising is a form of communication that utilizes the visual sense to send a message to a potential product or service buyer. Outdoor space comes in all forms and shapes in the quest for visibility and uniqueness.

One of the key factors that you should consider in advertising is location. Mostly, an outdoor advertising site is strategically placed along high traffic corridors although, with limited setup spaces, others are located in low to medium traffic areas.

Another factor is the space size. As a leading outdoor media buying company in Kenya, we are aware of what space means to an advertiser but budget constraints limit or favor the desired size. Spaces in prime areas demand more fees irrespective of the size due to high visual traffic that mostly attract sales to the advertiser quickly than subordinate areas.

Advertising History

Outdoor advertising dates way back to Ancient Egypt (the 1790s) when printing with Oil and Water was invented making the creation of posters possible. That created an increasing demand for posters along with high traffic areas. In 1867 the first outdoor billboard was rented out. By 1870, over 300 companies had already setup to offer outdoor advertising in America. In Paris, a 24 sheet billboard was displayed with advertisements on buildings and fences. This later changed to roadsides as affordable motoring became popular in the 1920s.

In 1900, the US introduced a standard billboard size with subsequent registration of the advertising bureau. Ever since companies formalized outdoor advertising business and the first outdoor advertising company was listed in the New York stock exchange.

Outdoor advertising later evolved to Out of home advertising  (OOH) due to the availability of more advertising spaces such as train stations, buses, airports, malls e.t.c. Technology has also played part in advertising contributing to the advent of digital out-of-home advertising which is gaining ground with the development of smart technology.

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Kenya is the East Africa business gateway that attracts both local and international businesses to set up and compete for customers across the region. In their call for attention, various outdoor advertising companies set up sites in major highways, cities, and towns as a way of fulfilling the market advertising demands.

Some of the major companies includes;

  • Magnate Ventures

“Magnate Ventures are the pioneers of the Outdoor advertising by use of billboards, street signs, Hoardings and event branding the East Africa, with the operations based in Kenya. Every effort has been made to ensure that products are well placed in order to provide the visibility that our client’s brands deserve”.

Magnate Ventures Ltd has been the market leader in Outdoor Billboard advertising for the last 15 years, commanding a 50% market share in Nairobi, 40% in Mombasa, 60% in Kisumu, 63% in Eldoret, and 57% in Nakuru. This ensures that our clients can get a wider regional coverage for their advertising requirements. Our outdoor infrastructure includes;

• Billboards
• Hoardings
• Streetlights
• Bus Shelters
• Multi-directional Signs
• Wall wraps
• Sky signs
• Bridge branding

Source: Magnate

  • Firm Bridge

Firmbridge has broadly invested in large format billboards and street pole Ad box infrastructure covering all major towns, busy roads, and intersections in Kenya to increase brand visibility. We own and manage all our advertising infrastructure.

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Customer support and delivery excellence have been our mainstay, thus the company has grown to earn the confidence of all the renowned corporations and harnessed steadfast working partnerships with all leading brands”. Firm bridge.

  • Adsite

Adsite outlines the Benefits of a Billboard as follows

  • It creates a constant reminder of your message throughout the year (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
  • Sustains name and image awareness-can’t be turned-off, tuned-out, or put aside
  • Designs that capture and maintain a reader’s attention
  • Costs significantly less than all other media
  • Rotation of adverts easily available
  • Targets both vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Photographic information (strong visual effect)
  • Builds company reputation and product image

Tri-Visions Billboards

Tri-Vision boards are just like billboards, with two added features: they “move” and they carry more than one message. The outdoor design rotates to provide three messages on one billboard.

Source: Adsite

  • Alliance media

Alliance Media is widely recognized as the pan-African leader in outdoor and airport advertising, having the widest coverage on the African continent.

Operating in 23 countries, with 20 years of experience, we have been awarded the European Union Award for innovative media and the prestigious “Best Outdoor Advertising Company” award in multiple markets for the past ten consecutive years.
We are Out Of Home (OOH) in Africa.

Specializing in OOH (Out of Home Advertising) in Africa, which includes Billboard Advertising, Digital Billboards (DOOH) as well as Airport Advertising, Mall Advertising, Street Furniture, and Spectacular Large Format Billboards”. Alliance Media.

  • Ikon Media

Ikon print Media offers innovative, unique, and practical outdoor display and printing solutions for Kenya. Our mission is “To be the foremost printing, packaging, and out of home media services provider in Africa”. Our Vision: “To deliver the best customer experience and superior returns in terms of Good Products, Timely Delivery all at the Right Price.”

We are an Invent Media Limited Company and member of the Consolidated Business Holding, with operations in NIGERIA, GHANA, KENYA, CAMEROON, and COTE D’IVOIRE”. Ikon Media

  • Look media

Look Media offers companies outdoor and indoor advertising solutions on major streets, roads, and highways in Kenya cities and towns

From increasing awareness and engagement to delivering targeted dynamic content, Look media offers innovative ways to bring brands and their awareness closer together, building relationships and driving conversations”. Look media

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Digital Billboard


Outdoor advertising cost in Kenya is mainly based on where is basis. Furthermore, the type of advertising space tends to influence costs incurred due to several factors such as; Materials used, Lighting, Duration, and Location. Approximately, costs range from Kshs.12,000 for street poles to over Kshs.200,000 for billboards per month.

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In conclusion, Outdoor advertising in Kenya has continuously evolved providing innovative solutions to advertisers keen on maximizing brand visibility. The market has space for every business that is looking for outdoor advertising solutions to drive sales throughout home campaigns as well as other forms of advertising.

Design hub ltd is your convenience bridge toward successful outdoor campaigns through the provision of creative services, printing, site scouting, and billboards monitoring to ensure advertisements are prepared, printed, and mounted on time, maintained, and upon campaign end, removed as per the terms of service.

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