Why did you return the last products shipped online buy? Or better still, zoomed on that image and not clear enough to make up your mind?          E-commerce is already changing the way we buy items online bringing a whole range of products under a single platform. Websites like  E-bay, Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia are among the known E-commerce sites offering secure purchases online but not without a hitch. Product returns

I remember a poster in one of the local shops that stated, “Goods once sold are not returnable”. Mmmmh! not returnable! Because you had the opportunity to examine the product physically and match your needs with the specific item then, here you are saying, “I want to return or exchange” the seller will shoot you dead. I mean, the look in his eyes will definitely put your life in danger.

online products

So, why do we have customer expectations lowered online?

First, the force representation of an item. This could be the product pictured isn’t the available product mainly because someone forgot to update with current image.

Secondly, the picture quality confuses the customer because of effects and the angle of shoot making a force image. It’s in this regard that FMCGs among other industry manufacturers should take the initiative to document their products so that e-commerce sites can borrow them for posting rather than creating their own images that are not as per the set standards.

This will go a long way to ensure customers are happy assuring the manufacturer and the e-commerce seller repeat business.

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