Kajiado County

Kajiado County Advertising Rates 2024


Since devolution, and the formation of counties, revenue collection has been accelerated with the enforcement of advertisement fees. Counties have developed their individual rates to ensure businesses and individuals looking to promote themselves are licensed according to their respective capacities.

For instance, Nairobi county advertisement rates are high compared to other cities such as Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru. Also, counties like Kiambu and Machakos  has relatively high rates because of the human capital within the Nairobi metropolis

Each and every county in Kenya has its own unique advertising fees. Before visiting the county offices, it is important to have an idea of the rates so that it helps you save time and avoid surprises.

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Below are the most recent Kajiado County outdoor advertising rates.

Kajiado County


Item codeDescriptionCategoryF/Y2019/2020
20002.1Big business promotion- open groundPer Day20,000. 00
20002.2On-street roadshowPer Day20,000. 00
20002.3Other advert and promotion activityPer day6,000. 00
20002.4Commercial bannerPer day1,000. 00
Per week4,000. 00
20002.5Sandwich menPer person/ per1,000.00

Kajiado County

Neon Lights on building/verandah

Item codeDescriptionCategoryF/Y2019/2020
20002.5Neon light small up to 1sq meterPer year3,000. 00
20002.6Neon light medium1-1.3sq meterPer year4,000. 00
20002.7Neon light big and above 3sq meterPer year6,000. 00

Kajiado County

Park and Open space

Item codeDescriptionCategoryF/Y2019/2020
20003.1Traditional DancePer dayNIL
20003.2Political Rallies Stadium Social HallPer day30,000

Open spaces10,000
20003.3Religious meetings and crusades in county stadiums/Social HallsPer week5,000.00
20003.5Partnership with Clubs on use of the stadiums for Local matchesPer match20% gross gate collection per match
20003.9Mobile advertisement- without a public address systemPer day4,000. 00
20003.10Mobile advertisement- with public address systemPer day12,000. 00
20003.11Posters- Commercial1-200pcs (per month)3,000. 00
20003.12Flyers-commercial1-200pcs (per week)500.00
20003.13Tent -Corporates

Tent –Non-Corporates
Per day

Per day


Permanent per year up to 3sqm

Permanent per year

20003.15Directional Sign Outside/Inside plots 600mm*1200mmPermanent and Portable Per year3,000.00
20003.16Billboard/Signpost/Advertisement on road Reserves/public/private landSmall 0-4sqm per face per year35,000.00
Billboard/Signpost/Advertisement on road Reserves/private/public landMedium 5-9sqm per face per year45,000.00
Billboard/Signpost/Advertisement on road Reserves/public/private landLarge over 10sqm per face per year95,000.00
20003.17Advertisements mounted on streetlightsPer month3,000.00
20003.18Billboard/Advertisement mounted on a building,Per month12,000.00
Canopy with Name and AdvertPer Month6,000.00
20003.19Advertisements painted on a buildingPer year 0-3 Sqm6,000
Between 3 to 5 Sq. m20,000
Up to 10M60,000
20003.20Additional chargesPer square meter1,500.00
20004Illuminated sign boardsUp to 2 square meters Per Year8,000.00
20005Additional chargesPer Square Meter6,000.00


A branded vehicle with Advertisement

Item codeDescriptionCategoryF/Y2019/2020
20007Small vehicles e.g. van(temporary)Per day1,000.00
20008Big vehicles including trailers(temporary)Per day2,000.00
20009Container brandingPer year10,000.00
20010External vehicle brandingPer year6,000.00


City clock advertisement

Item codeDescriptionCategoryF/Y2019/2020
20012Four-sided clockPer year20,000.00
20013Three-sided clockPer year15,000.00
20014Two-sided clockPer year10,000.00
20015Construction site boardApplication fee2,000


Wall and window graphics /painting

Item codeDescriptionCategoryF/Y2019/2020
20017For the first 10msqPer year8,000.00
20018Additional area per Sq.meterPer year1,000.00

Kajiado County

Advertisement on canvas

Item codeDescriptionCategoryF/Y2019/2020
20020Annual fees per Sq.meter (branded)Annual1,000.00
20021Motion screen advert on a truckPer year /per vehicle

Per day/per vehicle

20022Removal fee/impounding6,000.00
20024Wall painting adverts on temporary premises e.g., kiosks, litter binPer year2,000.00
20025Penalty for Defaulting on all advertisement fees25%fee


Ideally, all your advertisement requirements in Kajiado County, are based on measurement, duration, and type of application. It is important you determine the exact description so that we can quickly assist you with tentative rates and other services including graphic design, printing, branding, and placement of the advertisement.

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