NRS advertising license Nairobi


Did you know? It is now easy to get branding licenses for your business in Nairobi? Besides branding, you can apply for advertising licenses with ease.

To start you off, you’ll need to learn about the 2023 advertising rates in Nairobi.

Nairobi county offers a broad range of branding and advertising-related licenses to businesses based on several factors such as; Positioning, size, type, lighting, and shape of the advert. In conjunction with KRA, the county launched an online platform (Nairobi eservices portal) NRS to help with the processing of key licenses across all the sectors.Licenses application

NRS Branding license process

There are 2 types of outdoor advertisement licenses. The small and large format advertising

  1. Create an NRS account

Here you can do it as an individual or business.

  1. Login to access services
  2. Select the services required. I.e Outdoor advertisement.

Here you’ll see the instructions.

Step 1: Fulfill the requirements

Step 2: Select the application type

Step 3: Select the advert category

Step 4: Select the advert type

Step 5: Indicate the measurements, number of faces, and quantity

Step 6: Select the sub-county

Step 7: Select the ward

Step 8: Enter business location details

Step 9: Additional details that include attachment then

Step 10: Finish

Branding license Nairobi

The application is submitted for review. Other prompts may include payment of services once approved and download of the permits.

Important: 2023 Kiambu County advertising rates

However, it is easier said than done. Once you create an account, you can decide to get through the branding license acquisition process or consult with us for prompt services. Additionally, we will also help you with the design, fabrication, and installation of signage or advertisement at your premises conveniently.

This will help you avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Why get stuck? Inquire with us today for branding and advertising license application and renewal. To get started email or call +254707624629