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The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation  Bob Iger

Advertising in Kenya is evolving so fast to accommodate the dynamics of technology.#Creativity is not an option when marketing products,it means making or loosing money.Samsung have become experimental with their screens product mounted onto a truck to address #road_carnage which is taking away so many lives .#Innovation is applied by the #tech_giant  to preview the oncoming vehicles on a 2 lane highway.This enables the driver behind the truck to overtake without taking risks.The cameras are mounted on the front part of the truck to stream live without delay.

As much as the idea is viable,it’s also  a way of #disruption and #advertise #innovatively. Without even going into the detail,one would get the #idea of what Samsung #brand is all about and relate to their products.The #logo #visibility is empasized to reflect the potential Samsung has to revolutionalise the industry.What is even amazing in the #advert is the 2 tracks overtaking each other.This could be the truth….That Samsung has won the tech league and now it’s competing against itself.

Thats Samsung way of getting new markets for their market.Where do we come in?

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