Re-Branding Companies Nairobi Kenya

The question why Re-brand is dependent on customer experience and conversion.A clear brand persuades a customer to interact with and take action(also personal brand applies).

But you may ask,’Where does it all start?’

  • Upon realising a business image has become irrelevant due to technology and disruption in the market,know you are on the red line.
  • When introducing a new product in the market and your mother brand is outdated.
  • When your customers  complain and  critic general brand packaging.
  • If a similar product is introduced to the market and their packaging is above what you are offering.

Then know,It’s time to act








This is where we come in to define your business.

  1. We begin to analyse and re-construct your old brand to new
  2. We identify what is in the market and where the market will be headed next.
  3. We find out what the competitor is doing and how they are doing it.
  4. We re-invent the wheel

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We know that when it comes to your brand, it is crucial that form & function work together


Our innovative solutions to brand expression are as strategically driven as our research.



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