logo design

Once upon a time, there was a businessman who envisioned to run a successful business similar to an existing and successful business. What did he do?

A business without a name is like a vehicle without a number plate (logo), yes it could sell but eventually, it will halt to a stop. This is because a name identifies a business in many quarters both legal and businesswise. A name comes with an identity; logo and a visual language inspired by the business vision, mission and core values.

Now, our famous businessman thought of replicating or borrowing the successful business idea and owning it. What happened? You could be guessing already. But listen, borrowed ideas are good but not the best. In creative, we talk about authenticity or simply the original idea.

What does that mean in business identity creation?

An agency or a creative professional sit down with a business owner and listens to a brief about the 4w’s; What, where, when, why and how. This now forms the basis of the business idea. It also reveals the idea behind the business takeoff. Inspiration.

Our businessman could have been inspired, but the idea behind the successful business is vivid. It’s a blind inspiration that can only be unearthed through the original creator. At this point, you could be thinking about a logo idea that can be identified with your business. One that can seamlessly represent the business in its simplest form without creating confusion in the market. Something unique.

Online logo downloads will always seem inevitable but in the long run, you discover another business with a similar logo or a simple tweak on it. What do you do? Run to court or rebrand? At this point, you eat a humble pie and just relax because either of the two options is costly and time-consuming to initiate, process and conclude.

An online logo has already been defined by the idea behind its creation all you are doing is borrowing the idea while missing the vision behind it.

Another reason for working with your original idea is originality, authenticity, seamless and versatile logo concept. This now forms the building blocks of the business for all traditional channels of communication to digital platforms without losing the vision, mission and integrating the core values to steering business success.­

Remember, be inspired but do not copy. Then, enjoin us to create business visuals that will help you sell with ease.

We are the MSMEs business support agency that is keen to ensure all business branding efforts are integrated into the success of the venture.