Are you looking for ways to drive a product or service online or rather advertising? To get started, there are several factors to consider before identifying the most appropriate vehicle that will carry the advertisement to the target audience. They include; Product, price, place, promotion and people.


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Firstly, the kind of product you come up with must be pre-tested and certified to be compliant with all regulations before hitting the market. During product pre-testing, focus group feedback is crucial to determine and project, its’ performance in the market. Improve where the audience opinion is valid in-order to take off with confidence.

Secondly, price is key to attracting customers and cultivating loyalty. A happy customer returns because of pocket friendly products and services, customer service and generally product appeal. Therefore when setting the price, do a market research as landing guide. Customers will tend to be price sensitive when buying online because of many available options that help them compare product and price.

Where is the product? Place. Customers appreciate convenience of goods and services requested online. When advertising online, it’s crucial to factor the mode of delivery and point of collection. Always give information that is credible and simply simple to comprehend. The delivery path, time and return terms must be agreeable to enhance confidence.

Online market is growing in both demand and supply. When supply exceeds demand then competition sets in to displace the non-advertising weak businesses. Especially when there is a similarity of goods and services, then advertising activities should intensify. A promotion can be inform of a banner, audio, video, link, blog or any other identifiable way to surpass the set target. To push content to the consumer, ensure it’s either viral, paid Ad or the business has bankable followers.

Lastly, understand the demographics of potential customers. An online survey can be done on preference using the senses of touch, sight, smell, sound and taste.

With above factors, online advertising journey is set to begin. For further consultation on Advertising, advertising strategy, Media buying and planning, advertisement development as well as content writing; email to brand@designhubconsult.com or call +254 707 624629