Branding in Kenya

What is Branding? Branding is like value addition in agro-processing, painting in craft or even ironing in fashion. A brand should attract and retain customers through the 5 senses because we consume the surrounding by; what you see, hear, smell, touch or taste. What is branding then? Basically, it’s what will attract your competitor’s customers and retain them going forward using the product, price, promotion, people and place marketing matrix

Towards the end of 2017, a client approached the company seeking help to understand;

  • Why the business was on the death bed
  • What could be done
  • How to do it.
  • And the outcomes

“The business had taken over a promising market gap left behind by one of the largest hardware dealing with building and construction goods in the region. Truly, there was the need to fill the gap which we did but yet, one year after opening doors, we hardly gained ground in the market. As an enterprise, we become worried and severally did internal checks and balances to ascertain the problem was not within. After several trials, still no meaningful improvement. At that point in time, we decided to seek a solution from a branding expert and that’s how we found you online”. Fushia Kenya Ltd.

Now, the client case was resting in our hands and having fully understood the problem, it was time to hit the ground and track the real underlying issues to ensure desired sales projections are achieved come what may. By the virtue of the business taking its last breath, an emergency was declared to try and resuscitate the sales before collapse.

t-shirt branding

The business monthly sales was reported to be below USD 1000 per month translating to about USD 12000 by the end of the year without any significant change. And the daily sales was projected to be USD 1000 at the start of the business which ended up been monthly closing sales. Armed with clear facts and figures, a solution had to be established and sure to say, it was. After the second month of fixing the basics, the enterprise was referred to the general ward only to be discharged prematurely and declared a ‘miracle’.

Today, seventeen months after the branding exercise, the business has realized it’s daily projections and average sales per day is on average USD 1700. Also to note, recently a second branch was opened to capitalize on increased demand in building and construction goods.

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