What could be the Creative and branding trends 2019? Have we seen enough of logo design minimalism yet? Primary colors adoption or even simple and basic customer centric advertising messages? 2019 is the year of continuity, with emerging and established brands refining their image to increase the memorability factor that further influences customer loyalty.

Here are 4 branding trends

First, Brands must be ready to introduce a mix of rich media marketing & advertising strategies.

This has been enabled by the affordability of Smart phones that promote the emergence of video content sharing across all online platforms. Further, telecoms in Kenya have realized data is key in everyday life and tailored packages that are pocket friendly making Kenya among the few African countries that have achieved 100% mobile coverage in comparison to the population.

Secondly, Digital advertising will continue to rise as traditional advertising shrinks.

The generational consumer change is real. Digital media consumers are more compared to the local dairies, broadcast listeners and viewers. The amount of time spent on Digital channels such as Youtube, Viusasa, Netflix, showmax, and newly introduced IGTV and Facebook Watch is significant for advertisers to pump more budget online than on billboards, newspapers, television or radio combined .

Expo branding

Third, online search will remarkably expose your business locally and on international fronts.

To remain competitive in the digital arena, SEO isn’t an option because Google is your customers’ friend. From the minimum age to about 70+, Google has become their consulting partner. This is an indicator that 2019 you can only do more, digital marketing.

Lastly, customer centric brands will gain more as their counterparts lose.

Why, because we are now in that phase where word of mouth is spreading like wild fire in the Savannah. Social media is the new ‘Word of mouth’ in the digital Savannah. Setting up of social media pages, content generation and marketing will be key against false business news, accusations and product management from the customers. The networks will mitigate customer dissatisfaction and reduce the viral effect.

In conclusion, to edge competitors through 2019, refine your branding to reflect the vision, mission and goals of the business. Integrate digital media in the Companies’ sales and marketing efforts to tap the tech savvy clients. And to keep them closer, digital marketing and social media will be a plus. Remember,  digital space is here to stay and integration is the only way. Check out Designhub for more.

Merry Christmas and prosperous 2019.