Best Ways of Training employees to Brand Awareness Campaigners.

Employee training on brand awareness

The power of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body and build up the spirit thus empowering the employee to realize their sales and improve on public confidence. In order to boost personal impact of employees and transform (training) them to brand awareness campaigners in the marketplace ensure that;

SGR KENYA training

You take the time to educate them on the foundations of your business such as the Mission, Vision, Core Values and the brand promise. Let them understands and question where there is a disconnect in order to enhance their thinking skills whenever a customer asks incognito questions. Explaining the company goals with ease, employees respond with interest and lays the success structure of the company.

You integrate all the marketing channels so that the employees understand and relate to customer needs and experiences. Let the employees learn to engage customers through Phone calls, Emails and Social Media in order to well a understand client need and innovate ways to efficiently and effectively deliver.

You Regularly improve their customer brand engagement skills through training sessions with a consultant who understands the brand and the target audience.This enhances customer conversion rate, therefore, improving on business efficiency with ‘chap chap’ closures.

You Improve the employee’s social skills through regular office talks, brainstorming, pitches and lead roles in project management.This will at times turn a normal talk into a sales lead. An inquiry into a deal. Because of the social mastery skill.

They understand and interplate correctly the companies Brand Identity, Voice, and Culture for consistency in Marketing and Advertising.Take them through the brand manual or the logo elements in order to understand their ideal meaning and inspirational meaning. Let them know about company colors as well as the official typography used. Ensure to illustrate on logo uses and applications, and also emphasize on the Voice and Companies culture

You sponsor for team buildings to harmonize, interact and socialize with the employees to discover their tentative behaviors. A happy employee equals to positive results. Therefore plan for annual or bi-annual team building to enhance work performance and relational skills.

With enhanced training in sales, e-marketing, brand marketing, customer service and basics of advertising, be sure to realize and surpass set targets.


By John Muniu| Advertising Consultant, Designhub Limited