We all want to tip-top during important occasions (PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY). Don’t we? We also want excellent representation whenever associated with an achievement or under the media spotlight. That’s agreeable, and the image is everything. But how does Advertising meet photography? Advertising simply put, is the art of mass broadcast for a product or service to attract potential buyers in a specific target niche. Therefore product Photography enhances an advert visual.

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Product Photography is a Marketing process in the following ways.
  1. Attention

A product image should catch the eye at first instance. In an advertisement, the image should be the key attraction followed by the copy with graphical effects emphasizing intractability and effectiveness of the advert.

  1. Allure

A good image should create interest. Invite prospects to gain in knowledge and need for their problems as well discover the better side of life. For a food product such as Tomato sauce, color alone should prompt the desire to try.

  1. Desire

When a customer craves for the product, advertising process is 90% complete. Why, because the image used is what they will encode in the memory for reference during the treasure hunt. That’s why it is always important to have a product on the shelves before the campaign so that customers familiarize themselves and promote memorability.

  1. Action

Advertising process is 100% complete whenever a customer tries the product. Many are the times a creative agency makes a hit through creativity but the product disappoints or the Ad itself becomes too good to be true. The product in a real sense should match up customer expectation to ensure a return order and a possible word of mouth scenario.

In conclusion, a ‘Pro’ commercial photography agency should be illustrative on how the product will sell through attention, interest, desire, and action from the customer. Knowledge and skill in products and target audience should be the guide during pre and post production process. Contact us for more information.