Latest Photography Companies in Kenya


Photography is key in realization of optimal results therefore Business photography is the way to go for online sales.  The generation of “selfies” is here for everybody to enjoy while working, on leisure or during meet-ups with family and friends. Technology has revolutionized how we live, work and sleep. Camera has become a daily routine, a tool of News, feelings and display awkward moments.

I remember a story of a Man and his wife who urged over an animal that happened to slip and fall in a water basin and ran away as soon it come in. They couldn’t agree whether it was a rat or a mice. In this era of enhanced surveillance, that argument couldn’t hold any water. In business, product image is key toward a successful sales and marketing campaign. Customers will not urge over a product because it will be canvased as it actually looks

E-commerce has amplified the need to hire a photography agency that has experience in Commercial photography. Designhub is a photography company that understands the market trends and reacts in an effective way to realize the need of a company, institution, organization or personal brand. Over the years we have coined a niche in commercial photography and invested in skills that are of international standards.


Jay Alonzo is a recognized brand in commercial photography with specialties in Product photography and food photography. In his website , he expresses his desire to advertise and sell products in the best way possible through a creative integration of lighting,set-up and camera.The out come will be a masterpiece that will ensure a repeat business.Nikon School Kenya been a manufacturer of  imaging equipments hosted a Food and Product photography to demonstrate and inspire business photography using Jay Alonzo,a dubai based photographer which we took part in to affirm our determination in Commercial photography

At designhub ,We ensure that whenever your brand image appears, it works hard to support your comprehensive brand strategy and build value. Commercial Photography in Kenya is a persuasive tool towards products and services likeability. Local images of objects reveals brand value to diverse cultures.We shoot images for; Products publications such as catalogues, Portfolio development images such as employees, Advertising  Photography, Business meetings photography, Expos & marketing Photography and #Virtual_tour development. 

In conclusion ,Photography has moved to a step high with virtual reality or virtual tour gaining grounds in the local market.We have adopted the technology of #virtual_tour to help you sell products with ease. For structural products such as Hotels,Apartments,Industrial parks,Shopping malls and Office suites it’s possible to have a virtual  walk through.This technology of Virtual tour is websites and social media friendly as well as mainstream media. If you are looking forward to offer a different experience without necessarily a site visit then Virtual tour is the way to go.

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