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Every day is a new day, to try and be different in product and services branding and marketing. In the beginning of this year, companies have teamed-up with Creative design agencies, Marketing agencies and Advertising agencies to generate  ideas that will pull clouds  and possibly get sign-ups to the specific categories. Local and regional companies such as Safaricom, Total and Kenya Commercial bank have engaged digital agencies as well as online advertising agencies to reach the online communities with their re-invented corporate social responsibilities.

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Every company is pushing the agenda of enabling an entreprenuer to do more as opposed to the traditional way of experience been the best teacher. Ideas are been pooled to get the most viable as well as create economic sense.Firstly, The startuppper challenge,see https://startupper.total.com/en/challenges/startuppers  saw ideas vetted and winners awarded with mentorship and cash prizes to help them thrive.The start-ups have the  opportunity to brand themselves in the best way possible since they are associating with established brands. Their visual identity such as company logo design must reflect professionalism and constitency in all branding materials.

Secondly, Blaze  by Safaricom. See http://blaze.co.ke/ is an initiative to promote talent and especially to the youthful who find themselves sandwiched between their professions and talent. This product is branded to reflect Safaricom willingness to extend its support to the youth as well as gain from the intiative. Safaricom has engaged a creative agency ,digital agency,marketing agency and advertising agency to come up with an influencial brand that will help attract and retain their target group. This initiative too is helping the youthful appreciate the purpose of self confidence in building a business.Branding is taking centre stage to project talents that various youths have in the society and possibly craft business venture that is sustainable and of value.

Thirdly,Kenya Commercial bank has come up guns blazing to have a Lions share  on enterprenuers who will apply and prove their worth to the Lions. See https://bankika.co.ke/lionsden/?utm_source=keCorporateSite&utm_medium=Banner&utm_campaign=LionsDenCampaign.The lions den campaign is similar to the above initiatives only that it is going an extra mile to publicly scrutinize  ideas on a reality show. Here, all applicants will have to equally brand themselves with winning strategies.They will have to design a logo as an identity to their products for physical appeal just as shark tank. See http://abc.go.com/shows/shark-tank.The icing on the cake is to have business support for the best ideas as well as partner with investors to make it a success.

But to thrive as a start-up what do you really need to make your business appear attractive? You need to partner with a creative agency of choice that will help you realize the power of branding. At designhub consult we shall help you acquire an identity that is #Memorable , #Timeless, #Versatile, #Appropriate and #Limitless. Our expertise in #logo_design, #stationery_design and #visual_style_application will help your business retain #consistency and generate #customer_experience. An operating business that may consider to re-brand is equally encouraged to do so and align it’s identity in the market.

In conclusion,

A brand is the set of expectations, memories,stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. Seth godin

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