You could be looking for the best way to write a company profile that wins good business. You are not alone, many clients often ask the same question many times. You may have a company profile but it’s not getting you to stand out or need a few updates.

The big question is always what a perfect company profile should contain and which format to use but the answer to this is, there is NO perfect format and content but only what is most necessary to your clients is important. Anything more is a waste of time.

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When writing a company profile then, you need to consider;
  • The Customer
  • Your Company
  • The Competitor

First, analyze your target market to establish who are your real customers and their level of education. This helps you determine the format, tone, and language to use describing the company products and services. To get this information, simply do a survey that is client centered or review the frequently asked questions-They will tell you the information people are looking for.

Secondly, your company story needs to be brief and interesting because it’s important. Answer clients problems with solutions then tell the story of how the business started, founders and why. And what is your strongest point, mission, vision and core values? At this stage, a customer conversion rate is high especially when their need aligns with your solutions. Proceed to state your products and services as well as the support team and qualifications.

Lastly, having looked at the customer and your company turn the spotlight to the competitors and go an extra mile to differentiate your company as the best in the industry. This will not only create traction but will help you win tenders that you are competing for. Swot analysis will improve your ratings when you show what you do best, and demonstrate why and how you are the most qualified. To reinforce the unique selling point, use testimonials, case studies, and endorsements.

Therefore to make an outstanding company profile, consider the client as the focus, the company as the lead and competition as the differentiator. With this factors in mind then the company profile will help you build a rapport, establish trust and compel potential customers to buy from you.


By; John Muniu – Advertising Consultant, Designhub Ltd