Best 1 Method to Design a Selling Product Catalogue

Digital media has enabled customer ability to purchase through a computer, cellphone and other media that internet enabled (Product catalogue). This is the case with,, and The speed that internet based stores are opening up means that the conventional way of shopping is at stake.

Did you know! back then goods were ordered through catalogues? Direct marketing was the most accurate way of reaching a niche of customers. Direct Marketing is ‘ancient idea’ that has been improved by technology. Internet has stepped in. The concept of purchase without ever stepping into a store is live than ever.

Direct marketing ensures; immediate results, prompt feedback, niche targeting with personalized messages, customer engagement, and re-targeting. A catalogue takes the store right to the customer face, to introduce the product and create interest.

A product catalogue is composed of a layout, write-up, images and offers.  The layout is the basic structure that flows all through to the end. It’s composed of elements of design, principals of design and visual appeal. Write-up is the descriptive information that is provided or researched. It must be candid and precise to enhance customer experience.

Images provided must sell the product as it is. Use of enhancers may portray false image of the product. This may result to customer dissatisfaction and eventually return of the product and never return to purchase from you. To ensure quality photographs, always engage a professional product photographer or a commercial photography company. Lastly the offer is the ‘crowd puller’. It must be competitive at all cost. This is where interest is cultivated. Sometimes show the original price in tandem with offer price.


To design a product catalogue;
  • Source contents. Just like food preparation, ensure all your ingredients are available as above.
  • Create photographs with visual appeal. If you’re not a ‘pro’ photographer engage one who knows the dos and don’ts. Remember this is what will attract a customer to read on.
  • Analyze the product features. This will help establish what is more important to the reader. Write all the important descriptions with additional content just in case a customer needs more to make a decision. Also organize content with topics, consistent typography and color coding to make it user friendly.
  • Adopt an appropriate size. This will help to arrange the products in order of prominence and need without clutter and misrepresentation. The number of pages should be considered because of the print process.
  • Always use fillers to have an appropriate and inviting layout. This could be company introduction, articles or testimonials.
  • Ensure the cover is appealing to the reader. Tease the reader to flip the pages through use of a featured product, offers or sensational images that are beyond customer doubt of trashing the catalogue.
  • Multi-media marketing. Package for print as well as web. Ensure that the PDF file is search engine friendly since customers will find you online before making a call. Be ready to advertise through online ads or direct emailing. This will eventually drive traffic to the catalogue as well as the company website. Provide a contact form or addresses such as call lines, email, and social media links for inquiries.

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