Did you know that finding your identity (LOGO) is a lifetime achievement? A true identity allows you to sell with ease and purpose (business)?. It’s true your name identify with the general public but, it cannot prove to whom you belong until a DNA is done. Likewise, a business name is just like any other name in the marketplace but a logo is the true business identifier. A perfect Logo;

  • Stands out amongst the competing brands
  • Advertise a business
  • Relate to customers


So, how should a selling logo look like?

If you’re asked to draw a line showing love, what would you scribble? Or better still, draw anger? A good logo design starts with an illustration. Draw some shapes, lines, patterns that describe your thought, then take a break and reflect on the logo designs on your paper. If good enough, develop the preferred designs further, simplify what is possible and retain what is most necessary. Is it good enough?

A perfect business logo should be a TIME SAVER;
  • Timeless
  • Memorable
  • Simple
  • Appropriate
  • Versatile

That is just the logo design basics.

Assuming you are a business person or entrepreneur, then it’s back-breaking to sit and design a logo. A graphics designer, creative artist, art director or a brand consultant has the skill, passion, and theory behind a perfect logo development. Therefore a creative agency, a graphics design company, Freelance designers or a brand developer can help you solve the puzzle.

We are a company that knows how to design a business or personal logo. Consider hiring US for your Logo design projects. We shall deliver on innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Remember! We are waiting for your drawings on Love and Anger.

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