The America  dream was realized after Obama called for votes on “yes we can” campaign. Barack Obama believed in his dream of being the 1st African-American to take lead of the world. He proved his worth to American citizens through his art of persuasion and collective binding tagline. His past didn’t define his future other than motivate him to chase the American dream.

Unfortunately what has a start has an end therefore Obama will be leaving office this November after a 2 term service. His personal attributes and values attracted loyalty across the globe as been the most tech savvy president. He also demystified the Presidency associating with citizens at the bottom of the pyramid to inspiring trends such as #ObamaDropsMic.

Barrack Obama endorse Hillary America
Barrack Obama endorse Hillary

Yesterday Hillary was endorsed for presidency with a democrat ticket. Obama added his voice and influence to the democrat 2016-2024 product-Hillary Clinton is the new product. This is re-branding strategy of the democrats now that their current product has reached the apex of performance and service to the Americans. Product endorsement is an advertising tactic that pulls customers towards trial and finally adoption of the product. Celebrities are considered the best players in this line of advertising and Obama just made his speech accepting, recommending and sharing Hillary dream. https://www.hillaryclinton.com/feed/president-obama-endorsing-hillary-clinton-president/

As the democrats Re-brands the republicans are also on their firm footing seeking to carry the day come November. May the best team win.

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