Brands under New Media Advertising Siege


Media Advertising Siege

Word of mouth was once the best tool of communication for brand awareness and products and services referrals. In the late 20th century web came to life with dozens of possibilities been effected daily. 21st century started off with social networks discovery and more so what is now a billion dollar idea, Facebook. But with ad-prenuers in play, other competitors have proved their worth to develop tools of sales, marketing and advertising targeting businesses whose goal is global business.

This tools have been integrated to the social engines revolutionizing Social media advertising. In Kenya, especially the urban social-prenuers have re-invented traditional model of Advertising giving rise to what is now called Trendsetters.

Trend setters media

In 2016, Super bowl commercial was one of the most hyped ad. This was made real by social media influencers who worked with KIA brand during the event. But, why are influencers so important in the 21st century? It’s because when they actually speak, others pay attention to listen and act according to their say. This influencers often take political, social, spiritual and economic issues that are making headlines and tailor trends that would have brands come on board.

Brands have realized that social media is a powerful tool for creating products and services awareness across all the social class hierarchy. And with time billboards may not mean so much but will still exist for companies whose advertising plan is to reach mass market. There are two major factors why brands are considering new media advertising over old media. First is targeted audience and secondly is customer behavior analysis.

Therefore to determine what plan of advertising is appropriate to publicize a brand, product or service, consider the following. Search engine optimization, Pay per click advertising, Content marketing, Facebook campaigns, Twitter ads, Email marketing among other options. Do not take time to jump ship. Go for online advertising with a brand idea in mind. Create a personal brand that will reinforce the business image. Trend-setters have realized the power behind followers just like loyal customers in business.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

Mark Twain


John Muniu | Advertising Consultant