Are you looking forward to branding company items as giveaways, promotions, or appreciation gifts?

Start by defining the ideal item that will reflect the company image correctly and also promote appreciation to the receiver. Sometimes, especially when gifting colleagues, shareholders, and board members, ensure to keenly observe their likes so that the gift remains with them as a reminder and not a bother.

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Quality branded gift bags

What are promotional items?

These are items manufactured for promotional purposes therefore brandable and affordable. The items include: Normal and Executive pens; notebooks, diaries, umbrellas, water bottles, t-shirts, and polo shirts; aprons, overalls, dust coats, caps, safari huts, lessos, bags, wristbands, wall clocks, cardholders, key holders, mousepads, coasters, mouse, carry bags, jerseys, hoods, jackets, reflector jackets, gift bags among others.

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How do I know what items to brand

Several factors influence your decision on what to be branded. They include;

  1. Budget

This guides the whole branding process. This is because you can only brand what you can afford. Therefore, it is important to set a budget aside for promotional items.

2. Purpose

It is important to think about the goals. What do you want to achieve at the end of the process? Do you want to promote brand visibility or promote sales?

3. Quality

Unless you are willing to spend much more, the budget available guides on quality. Promotional items are either classified as normal, standard, or best quality. I.e. when asking for branded pen sample, specify the quality. And when looking for brandable t-shirts ask for either normal, standard, or heavyweight.

4. Quantity

It is important to confirm the quantities of the items required by the supplier so that they provide samples of what is available. And in case you change your mind, ensure there is a window of enough time to either source for more or customize the requirements.

5. Time

On many occasions, event organizers are caught up between a rock and a hard place. This is because the order is either confirmed at the very last minute or quantities are increased to meet event demand just before the event starts. Therefore, ensure there is enough time for sample preparations, approval, and adjustments when need be.

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Which branding methods are available for Promotional items in Nairobi?

There are different methods applicable to promotional items. These include;

  • Screen printing
  • Heat press/transfer
  • UV printing
  • Embroidery
  • Engraving
  • Embossing & Debossing
  • Itching
  • Doming and
  • Printing

How much does it cost to brand promotional items?

Ideally, branding cost is guided by the number of items. The more the quantity, the cheaper the cost. Secondly, the mode of branding also determines the cost. For instance, when branding pens, screen printing is cheaper than UV printing, and in t-shirt printing, screen printing is cheaper than embroidery. Lastly, the quality of items significantly guides the price. The better the quality the more expensive it becomes.

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Umbrella printers Nairobi

Remember, suppliers will occasionally ask for logos and artwork to determine and advise on the best applicable method vis the vis item requested.

Are branded samples free?

Well, you may be lucky to get them for free but that is after the order is fulfilled and they are not requested back. However, customized samples are charged and paid for before delivery. This protects the supplier from sample preparation costs that are sometimes high therefore limiting production.

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Can I get a one-stop shop for all branding needs?

Mainly, a consulting company like Designhub Limited offers you the comfort of a one-stop shop for all your branding needs. Whereby you get whatever you ask for delivered through the network of manufacturers, printers, and delivery channels across the region.

There are different specialists for all the branding methods mentioned above. Therefore it’s important to work with a consultant who understands where to get what is required on budget, and quality hence saving time.

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Branded reflector Jackets

How long does it take to brand items?

All suppliers acknowledge the delivery period as the most important factor towards getting their next order as well as attaining the orders’ full cycle. After an order has been confirmed, samples approved, and the down payment remitted, the ball now moves to the supplier to purchase, brand, and deliver items. Mostly, it can take a minimum of two days to a maximum of five days depending on the quantities required and the agreed deadline.

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To ensure your branded promotional items are of good quality, agreed on quantity, and delivered on time place your order with us.

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