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Did you know that the ups and downs of the life journey creates a story to tell every day?

Today, content creation has been simplified by camera and microphone enabled digital gadgets. Once settled with good lighting and a calm background, you are set to produce content about yourself, what you do, and how you do it.

But wait. Is it that easy?

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Definitely, it is not an ABC moment because first, you have to get yourself into the situation and analyze the approach in a strategic way before getting started. At Design hub ltd, content creation is our DNA and we offer bespoke guide to those willing to take the bull by the horns and generate their own content such as the budding content creators, influencers, bloggers, social media managers, and writers.

But before we get there, here are the 8 best reasons why content creation is important to your business.

8 best reasons why content creation is important

Brand awareness

Once you generate interesting and relatable content, it is easily read, viewed, and shared. This makes the business visible without much efforts such as; advertisements and cold calling. Audiences become glued to your channels as loyal followers who in return promote your business image further.

Brand presence

Content creation helps a business to be in the moment. This means, a business that is not producing content is lacking prominence and especially in this digital era where content is king. A modern business must be active to ward off competition as well as attract new followers consistently.

Leads generation

Amongst the business marketing strategies, cold calling results to sluggish conversion. But imagine a situation where the customer is now looking for you. What happens? You close the lead quickly compared to a cold call. Quality content generates inbound leads that easily convert to loyal customers because of finding a reliable resource and secondly, solving their inquiry. In essence, your business becomes convenient, reliable, and trustworthy.

Audience Engagement

Content creation services helps businesses to educate, inform, and create awareness. A business that educates it audience, attract followers who interact with the content limitlessly because of the content value. A business that advocates for a course inspires followers to learn and take action therefore creating a better world altogether.

For instance, a business may decide to take up à humanitarian action project and educate the masses on the importance of a clean environment. While at it, they show steps taken to ensure à clean environment. Lastly, content creation creates awareness as soon as there is engagement with the audience. Published content with high audience engagement helps in business visibility, SEO ranking, and sales.

Industry authority

Who is an expert? A business can become an industry expert over the years because of its ability to solve problems with tenable solutions. Those solutions are offered to the general public through pieces of content that can be easily understood while reserving space for further consultation.

In the construction industry, a reputable construction company can offer best building practices about a riparian site construction. However, the audience knows very well that after getting the information, the consultant must visit the site for survey and offer conclusive remarks. Here, the business begins to establish itself as an industry expert hence gaining audience confidence as the best authority in that particular field.

Content creation in form of expert advice, random surveys, findings, and analysis helps set the business apart from competition and create a clear way to success.


Search engine optimization is a skill we have also built over time to ensure your business online search is fruitful. It is enabled through timely content relevance on search engine results page (SERP). SEO is anchored on several factors that work in tandem to ensure the optimized business ranks above competition. Among them is quality content built around search intent.

To bring it home; for example a business that sells Best tour packages in Kenya, must have a modern website that displays the tour packages. Secondly, the tour packages must be what the travelers are looking for or closely related. To take you further, if the package is for a popular destination like the Maasai mara, then the wordings must be SEO friendly in order to rank the website among the first in SERP. Ask us how.

Brand loyalty

It is often said that word of mouth is the best way to attract and retain customers because one leads to another who in return brings a whole village to you as customers. When you generate quality and authoritative content, it gets noticed and book marked by readers who later become followers and eventually loyal customers.

Expert content development takes care of the end feeling of a ‘me too’ situation whereby nobody want to miss the offer when it is announced. It is at this point that the customer and the business become conjoined to eternity.

Content library

Besides all the benefits of content creation, content library is a valuable resource. The business is able to share unlimited content due to the massive library it has accumulated over time. As the leading content creation company in Kenya, we ensure to offer the best advice on how to store content that is easily accessible, shareable, and beneficial to the target audience.

The most important aspect in creation of a digital content library is storage and security. This ensures timely access wherever and whenever it is required. At design hub ltd, we are able to advise further on measures to take ensuring a business never lacks content at its hour of need.

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Content Creation

Content creation services

We offer businesses with content development support in;

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Social media posts & Ads
  • Google Ads posters & copy

In Photography, we document business events, products, and services as well as profiling the business workforce for publications and social channels updates.

We take it further with video recording to strengthen the visual appeal. The recorded clips can be converted to marketing material and later used to advertise the business as short videos or entertainment content such as at the reception Tv.

Articles are formal writings with expert advice in form of an interview, research, explanation, analysis or report that is fact based. We help in documenting such occurrences in form of writing, charts, info-graphics, and images for editor and review team verification.

Blogs on the other hand, are the engine to a successful SEO program. To ensure your business gains on SERPs, we generate blogs that are search intent friendly, optimized, educative, and informative inform of opinions and insights.

Social media posts and ads should be engaging, fun, clever, and on point. We ensure to do our best whenever tasked with digital assets management such as social media pages & websites. Our copy writing skills complement the digital skills towards successful social media management partnerships.

Our graphics design and advertising skills, make us the best digital marketing company in Nairobi to promote your business online. We create graphics rich content that sky rockets the business digital campaigns to net leads that easily convert to sales.

In conclusion, content creation services is a collaboration between the business and the consulting company to ensure the tasks are delivered as envisioned.


At Design hub ltd, we would love to partner with you towards a successful content creation project. To engage with us; email your inquiry to or simply call/sms/whatsapp to +254 707 624 629/ 0733 624 629.