Tech is the mother of online markets that is growing and expanding daily, the only market known before tech was ‘mama mboga’.Where you would literally plan a day, make a list and borrow a basket because it was ‘The Market Day’. A typical market you’ll find goods lined and stalked together in an organized and appealing way. Better still the traders would woe a buyer with phrases and body language to trigger interest. When done, ‘beba beba’ will be waiting to exploit the last cent without any apologies. Remember their language? Maybe you should share the experience.

The 21st century is the tech era where traditional markets are been replaced with ecommerce stores. How was this possible you may ask! Technology; imaging and scripting, is the science involved.


In the 1st world countries this developments were adopted a while ago with ecommerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba emerging as the bench makers for any company with a dream of ecommerce trading. Locally, we have not been left behind either. The rocket group introduced Jumia in Kenya that has now evolved over time and opened up the market to new traders. Safaricom, the leading telecom in profits and customer subscription, is planning to create a blue ocean in ecommerce with a portal dubbed ‘Masoko’ or simply markets. And as a counter Naivas supermarket is innovatively positioning itself to capture a niche in ecommerce.

With that in mind, we now understand that; we only buy (through tech) what we see (through photography). Photography is our business. To help manufacturers, wholesalers, resellers canvas images for online sales.

To sell online therefore; you need clean, simple and consistent images that provoke a customer’s attention. For any online business, photography is money, without pictures most shoppers will not bother. A hero image is what gets customer attention, generate interest and desire to take action- add to cart. Photography maximizes the sense of sight limiting customer to smell, touch, hear and taste. This means, what you see is what you get. Image is everything.

Our skills in commercial photography has perfected over time. With Improved technology, we are able to provide a full product experience catalog online for ecommerce stores, ecommerce portals, websites and social media sites for business. To further understand why product photography is key, learn the importance of professional product photography in advertising

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