5 Best ways to amplify brands through Employee Engagement

5 ways to amplify brands through Employee Engagement

Once upon a time you memorized a phrase or verse and rehearsed endlessly to ensure you’re (employee)perfectly prepared for the big day. It could have been festivals or just floss to friends during a hangout and you got the lyrics right. Taking of friends, they would applaud you for doing your homework so well and someone got a nick name to it. Similarly, brands needs exposure to employees from the receptionist to the manager. They need to talk the same language though in different ways and the customer will glue stick to the brand. That’s the power of employee brand engagement. Consistently hammering the brand vision, mission, goals, values and culture to the customer without message distortion.


There are several ways of ensuring founders vision is passed to the employee.
  1. Define the organization brand name
  2. State the vision, mission and values precisely
  3. Develop the brand voice
  4. Create a brand culture
  5. Implement

The above pointers will now give room to identify ways of introducing, sharing and revisiting the brand structure twice or thrice yearly until it becomes a norm during client- employee interactions. Training is a certified method to walk the talk minimizing image distortion but maximizing loyalty, trust, credibility, quality and satisfaction in the consumers mind. Establishments with several years or decades in operations could be there but require to align the brand or offer frequent training to their staff through Workshops, Seminars and Team building activities as a sure bet towards achieving the goal.

After identifying the best activity, contracted a brand consultant or a brand awareness trainer and the process has been concluded, measure the employee-customer engagement to access the training impact so that after analyzing customer feedback the company embarks on finding solutions to further results. Loyal employees will always have interest to learn, Unlearn and learn again to always keep the company name protected and pronounce among the competitors.

Therefore the time is now to start a brand awareness training journey to improve relationships with internal and external publics. In return, business growth will be reported due to increased customer satisfaction that also generates referrals.

To get started, follow this steps

  • Identify the area of employee training. I.e. Brand and brand identity
  • Conduct a simple survey asking employees how they feel about the company image
  • Analyze the results and
  • Email the information to brand@designhubconsult.com
  • Incase you are not in a position to do the above, Call; 0707624629 to consult