Stunning Vehicle Branding Services in Nairobi Kenya

Marketing is a discipline that teaches how to sell a product or service using various means such as vehicle branding. Branding involves design and print of the artwork and fitting it in a space that will  amplify sales. Branding also is a game of experts because a branding site calls for examination and recommendation of the suitable material to be used. There are several surfaces that can be branded depending on product or service on sale.

This surfaces include; Vehicle branding, Motorcycle branding, Wall branding, Garment branding, Trophies branding, Merchandise branding and virtual spaces branding such as; social media and a websites only to mention but a few. Let talk Vehicle branding, can we.

vehicle branding

To have a vehicle branded, consider the following factors.

  • Available space
  • Return on Investment
  • Reach

Available Space

This is the total surface area that is visible and large enough to brand. For a car it could be all sides or  a truck it could be the body and partially the front doors. The vehicle acts as a moving billboard for your business and if innovatively done it can create awareness, generate interest, initiate trial and finally the customer adopts the product or service.

Return on Investment

This could be evaluated after branding the vehicle and observing the sales curve before and after branding. Most likely the curve will predict increased sales. But if the vehicle is branded and parked in lonely areas without human traffic then it could be a wasted effort. To ensure ROI therefore consider areas of vehicle operation and human traffic in the area.


For a branding campaign to be impactful, the design must be visually attractive. It must catch the consumer attention on the go and sell directly the product or service. A selling design will generate a conversation that will be shared even in the absence of the vehicle. Here word of mouth will take over and increase reach and impact. Are you ready to give it a try?

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