Are you looking forward to starting a business, or simply rebranding? Start-ups and small businesses mostly appear small in all aspects but with the invention of social media, branding becomes an affordable tool to drive business growth. For instance, with a budget of as low as USD 1, you can be able to target and reach potential customers or increase brand awareness.



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Here are 5 tips to help you build a small business

Be unique

As much as many businesses are me to enterprises, you can easily figure out a unique USP to push into the market and build loyal customers. For instance, Apple chooses to be different even though it offered a similar business with other computer manufacturers and managed with time to create a niche business for itself.

Products and services

When you think about the customer pain point, you understand that greatness is expertise to solve someone’s problems to the core. Therefore, you begin to offer solutions that are tangible, reliable, and ideal to the client.

Get a good name and logo

Sometimes back a client was looking to get a name for their small business, but the naming process was becoming tiresome because every name they came up with, was either long, too common or difficult to pronounce. Together we came up with a name that was simple, easy and memorable. Later on, we created a logo that is versatile, timeless and unique.

A good name and logo increase your chances to be remembered easily as well as the visual outlook from branded mediums such as the social media pages, posters, flyers among other brand assets. “It’s not enough to have a recognizable name. People commonly associate brands with the brand’s logo. As you think about your logo, keep your audience and products/services in mind because you want your logo to reflect your company. A good logo builds trust and a strong logo will help to pull your brand together”.

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Be Consistent 

Before you even start, think of a reputable brand consultant to partner with for the best interests of your business. This will help you with expert advice on how to consistently communicate your vision and mission seamlessly on all platforms with creating confusion from one medium to the other. If the central message is “Sell with ease”, it should be the same message across, for authenticity and customer confidence.

Deliver Value

What is the value? If for instance, you are selling goods, are they of good quality? Are they user-friendly? And if offering services, are they credible? Or based on serious findings and research? It’s not just a business, but a business of value and necessarily creating a monetary value perception but also in terms of leadership and operational excellence. Think of what sets your business apart from the rest, what value do you offer and how is it different from the competitors? Then tap on the emotional aspect of that value. That way, be assured to create a loyal following going forward.


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