Business Re-branding Kenya



Re-branding is a process that  rejuvenates a business image after it has out grown if former image.Re-branding in Kenya involves market study,audience analysis,brand market penetration among many other bespoke factors .To re-brand a business,make it simply clear.Build a brand that inspires and creates customer experience to always relate and talk about it whenever,wherever your brand solves the need.Cultivate well informed brand ambassadors with a clever brand.

What you customer sees must be what they get.

We  re-package your business image to portray achievements  and arouse emotions that create a personal experience.We offer the following services:

Firstly, we takeoff with Brand design which includes;

  1. Logo
  2. Visual language
  3.  brand application on Letterheads,Business cards,Posters,Fliers,Banners e.t.c.

Secondly,Photography for Business

  1. CSRs activities
  2. Expos
  3. Business parties
  4. Advertisement Photography
  5. Product Promotion Photoshot
  6. Advertising Videos

Lastly we expose your brand to the target audience through Indoor ,Outdoor and Digital branding this includes;

  1. Shop branding
  2. Vehicle branding
  3. Point of sale branding
  4. Office branding
  5. Online branding via video or banners ads.


“Define what your brand stands for,its core values and tone of voice,and then communicate consistently in those terms” Simon Mainwaring

Have a dynamic brand.