Corporate Branding Kenya |Mwirigi Emotising

Human Physiological process is defined by response to stimuli call it ”Emotional intelligence”.Brands as well provoke feelings of association to create relationships that lasts.

Recently in the course of this week,a famous blogger #Mwirigi was openly celebrated to console and help him move on after his fiance opted to use a concorde super jet compared to Mwirigi’s space ship.All bacause both wants to fly but in different directions.Thats part of the story which i believe you must have chewed a bite.

Emotising is the new Advertising. Realtime Marketing.

LOVE is a delicate feeling and brands adopted and shared their dedications to Mwirigi and also his Ex.

Some brands drove the message home but others failed terribly placing their interests before Mwirigi bleeding heart.The  following were the responses.

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And for those clever enough expressed themselves in pictures.But who do you think did it purposefully to heal a heart?






















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