Big Decree Nisi vs Juncture

Every brand (Juncture) is on the race to use ‘sheng’ to  target  millennials who are fully Kshs. activated .Reputable brands such as Shell uses ‘Mkatiano’ word  to net the adventurous Millennials. Safaricom is on a ‘Mpango’ campaign while rivals Airtel have the ‘Smartika’ promotion. Brands are disrupting the marketing rules to reach out to the masses with messages which they can relate to. On the other hand, customers enjoy the value of competition with promotions, discounts and give always. Brands are not stopping at that ,they are enjoying endorsement from local champions to further persuade a buyer to try and adopt the product or service.

Recently Youtube athlete Julius Yego made a World record in field event in  recently concluded IAAF World Championship. EABL new look Tusker lager brand hit social media with Yegold campaign without his official approval. Yego protested this move until yesterday where he signed a deal to become the official Tusker lager brand ambassador. His initial marriage with Orange seems not to have been all rosy and was just a survival union in such of another suitor. The Prince charming came along with all attributes a lady will be looking for; Physical appeal(regional company) economical appeal(good deal) and sustainability appeal(expanding to Africa) .But what made him decree nisi enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation to  juncture joy, happiness, intellect, and energy??? Chums. Chums. Chums. Will the marriage last? Will another suitor come along (safaricom or cocacola)The trend is #eitherway.

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