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Graphics design

Graphics design is an art that has great impact In idea expression. It converts a thought into visual look that invite and triggers a conversation, mood or creates a feeling of association. Graphic designers are creatives who plan how to execute a task based on a brief or an independent idea that comes as a result of passion in creativity. Creative agencies gather a think tank that is creatively and innovatively fueled to ensure inspiring and conversational artworks are produced for various campaigns across the globe.

A well written copy attracts and stimulates the thinking process to internalize the idea behind an advertisement. If the end user misses the idea, then an advertisement becomes the other half that doesn’t work. As William Butler puts it, “Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people”.

As a Creative Agency in Nairobi Kenya, we help an individual, Start-up, Small and medium enterprises craft a winning image over their competitors with a mixer of creative ideas and implementation through branding. Firstly, We ensure that Form follows function primarily as a principle used in Modern design and in particular Modern Architecture, that is based on the idea that design of a product object should be based upon its intended function or purpose.

Graphics design

In addition; Function, quality and performance are often the most important factors in the design process, When designing a product it is vital that the functionality of the design comes first, good design must serve a purpose rather than just creating a point of attraction. The interaction in which the user has with the product when experiencing the design is primal to the outcome of the experience.

Secondly,A brand is a personality that identifies a product or service. At designhub we strive to innovatively portray your product or service in the best way possible to ensure increase in sales and cultivate loyalty through customer experience. We brand business with unique identifies such as visual language and color to increase brand recognition by over 80%. In fact Nestle managed to stop Carbury from trademark of color purple used in its Daily Milk bar products through a court battle.

Remember! Graphics design is a process that re-invents with time due to technology dynamics and user experience. Therefore engaging a consultant who integrates a business image will be the perfect bargain for a focused business. We are able to offer graphics design services such as Logo Design, Stationery Design, Merchandise design, Products design, Packaging Design and Branding.

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