A brand is a “collection of associations in the mind, both conscious and unconscious.” (services) The conscious associations may include your products or services; its features, price and name; your ads and marketing. The unconscious side is the underlying feeling connected to your brand.


To build a solid business identity, business naming is key and one of the factors to consider is simplicity and secondly Memorability but also for online purposes, a short domain name is most preferred. With a good name comes the logo, this is a process that involves illustration of a business identity with a combination of the name and an icon. Logo design determines how ‘loud’ your identity can be on any offline or online property. A logo should be bold on any application. A brilliant logo should stand-out. It should represent a business without much on what -we do in it. Is your business logo brilliant?  If not consider a Re-branding process.

Logo design determines the branding aspect of a business. The colors and typography chosen are the unique identifying elements that make branding a business interesting and attractive. To further make a business exceptional a visual language is developed to accompany the Logo, typography and business primary color.

Branding services

Consulting with a Creative agency, graphics design firm or a branding company with their services, helps you and the business benefit in the following ways;
  • Branding provides a number of valuable advantages for the company.
  • Branding creates a competitive advantage for the company with their product performance.
  • Branding helps the company gain on customer loyalty. A brand is a product that adds other dimensions to differentiate it in some way from other products designed to satisfy the same need (Kay, 2006). Therefore, it can be said that the brand is the end result. It helps the company to build and maintain its image in the mind and the heart of the customers. It is a tangible as well as intangible asset of the company, which helps in managing the company’s visibility for the future.

Therefore, a successful brand is not simply a product that has been launched to great press, strong sales, and customer satisfaction, although all those things are certainly desirable. The strong and enduring brands are built with the concept of inspiring brand loyalty in the minds of the customers. Branding is mandatory for a serious business because it establishes meaningful connections between manufacturers and their customers as well as employers and employees.

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Remember, Branded products and services play an undeniable role in driving profitable growth for any organization, regardless of its size. A good Design and Branding communicate the reasons why a customer should purchase a specific item. They make claims and set expectations their products have to fulfill. Branding is a powerful source of competitive advantage.