What is digital branding?

This a modern brand management technique that uses internet applications to reach the target audience over time. It’s simple, engaging and affordable for startups, small and medium enterprises in Kenya.

There are ways in which digital branding is carried out to ensure maximum impact as well as return on investment.

  1. Create a memorable point

Here you come up with a common idea that will be memorable to the audience. I.e The only MSMEs brand support agency in Kenya. That’s how we have branded ourselves across all digital platforms to enhance memory recall.

  1. Identify your business core values

Look at it this way, during your daily activities there are accustomed ways that you engage and interact with people, therefore, staying true to self. Similarly, a business must build consistency in service delivery in order to attract and retain customers online.

  1. Originate authoritative content.

Are you an expert or a professional? What is your industry trends? And how does it relate to the current affairs in the market? Well, that may sound too much but the idea is to create authority in the online social mediums to keep visitors longer and promoting reference in the near future.

  1. Have an exceptional online brand personality.

Here, you try to have warm conversations with your audience across all platforms. Develop a persona that is engaging and provides value to the customers. Build your employees brand awareness skills to consistently communicate inline with brand values.

Digital branding

  1. Promote content through social platforms

Every other social media tool has promotion buttons which prompt audience definition. Here, you are able to map customers, set behaviors, age and buying power. Promoted content will always give you the best results since it’s targeted on customers you are looking for. Retargetting customers will mean that they are already seeking the service only that yet to make a decision. Maximize that opportunity to sway their mind.

  1. Test everything

Why leave anything to chance? After you have created the business online presence, then with time try all platforms at a time with different ideas until the best works. From there, set the pace on what to do and how to enhance content to graphical images such as still banners, gifs or short videos.


With the above in mind, we can now begin a digital branding journey that will increase revenues to attain set targets in record time.

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