A marriage is an institution created and sustained by two parties willing and ready to spend the rest of their life’s together (POLYGAMOUS). It’s inspired by the holy books and been a Christian i can affirm that God himself saw how lonely man was and created a helper. But technology has not spared it neither, after disrupting Workforce, the Brain and Social urge. Partnership creates synergy  to achieve a common goal whereby every partner is entailed to bargain for the best deal without heart breaking each other. But it happens that one partner takes advantage of the other to play an only hide game while the other seeks. In the African tradition setting polygamy was necessitated  by resources such as Land , Power and Clan credibility. Michael Eisner once said

It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky it happens once in a lifetime.


Safaricom limited has  achieved all this resources in the digital era and managed  to be the prince charming for reputable brands in the Kenyan economy. All marriages have their twists and turns with  marriages terminating prematurely even before sense knocks on each other partnes head. Safaricom limited had fallen in love with Equity Bank, planned  a mass wedding(Which we all attended) to legalize the union that failed to kick off. “Money is the cause of all evil,” they say, which makes me wonder why “the have nots” are the majority jail dwellers. Well you could argue on that but blame it all on greed and lack of values amongst members of a society.

Firstly a brand gains because of Values, Positioning and Solution to customers. However how well a business packages itself attracts prospects and  partners to steer a common goal. After Equity decree nisi, Safaricom  hustled hard(lack of better word) for a partner in crime and secured CBA for the M-shwari product. Since then Safaricom  limited has married other wives to continue accumulating wealth that is now been accused of as unlawfully acquired. Airtel has severally threatened to exit Kenyan market if  Safaricom is not franchised to smaller units.

Secondly, Safaricom has proved it might through Safaricom foundation that has initiated projects such the recently announced football academy, Safaricom Sevens, Lewa marathon among many others.What even angers it ‘s competitors is the muscle to counter and neutralize campaigns.Today ShangweMtaani  was launched to possibly water down Airtels’ Smartika promo as the market share war intensifies. Brand power is as a result of followers, partners and business sense in a competitive market. For Safaricom to sponsor Safari sevens rugby series and to award 63 millionares in 8 weeks its because it has money,power and the haves clan behind it.

Finally ,for brand to enjoy a marriage to full cycle then, a relationship must be anchored on value addition to each other and interests addressed to a win win agreement.At designhub consult we partner to address your identity need through business identity design.This includes logo design,stationeries design,merchadise branding style ,signage branding , Office and Shop branding as well as brand guidelines manual.In addition to concept development we introduced a Photography department to take care of your business image.We ensure whenever an image is used to communicate,it carries in it values of a business.This is the reason we are in business to package your business image. For enquiries email to or contact a brand consultant directly at


Polygamous brand
Polygamous brand