Happy new year 2016. It’s the year of Online Advertising.
Why ? because the audience are now Internet Activated. Are you ready to take your business
online? If yes how are you doing it? There are several ways to Market a product or Service online.
1. Google Ads 2. Social media Ads 3. Video 4. Mobile Ads 5. Others
So what, you may ask!
For your business to initiate product or services awareness, create interest, enable evaluation,
activate trial and promote adoption through an online campaign, you’ll have to consider a
partnership with a Professional Content Developer. For instance, if you choose to partner with
us to develop your content for online marketing you will enjoy innovativeness, efficiency and
effectiveness of our ideas to ensure ROI.
In 2016 a paladin shift from main stream media to new media is expected to increase because
of access to fast and affordable internet that is dynamic according to user preference. Last year
online advertising experienced growth with increase in internet accessibility. 2016 is expected to
explode with adverts as illustrated below.


At Designhub we seek to partner with you/ your business/ organization towards a successful
online content development. We have aligned our services to include Design, Photography and
Branding facilitating your offline and online properties persuasiveness to new & return clients. Subscribe to our content design account and make a smart move.