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What  makes Photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials

are light and time. John Berger.

In the recent times Photography in Kenya has grow tremendously due to demand in professionally taken pictures. Photography schools and academies have taken the challenge to train on equipment handling,lighting,timings and general composition.Technology as well is coming in so fast that mobile photography is closing on with photographers due to quality of images mobile are able to produce.But does it really influence photographers in Kenya to re-position themselves? Photography services is a broad career that includes family, portraits,events and commercial photography among others.

Commercial photography is a niche for photographers with a passion to project brands as real and original in comparison to the actual product in the market. It involves landscape photography,events photography,food photography,portraits photography,fashion photography, product photography,service photography,launches and expo photography among others.Recently we had a photo-shot to canvas images for marketing at a newly established leisure and recreational facility,The dam Redhill.

The Dam redhill is located  about 15KM from the Nairobi CBD along Limuru road next to Sun Africa hotel formerly sovereign suites. As you get in you encounter the fresh air that sustains and nourishes the best and preferred tea around the world, Limuru tea.The air is so fresh that you forget everything else and begin to think of been a resident in the neighbourhood. The scenery is so breath taking as you meander and negotiate the corners downhill to the dam redhill leisure and events facility. With no entrance fee you can be able to make money while you spend your time and resources at the gardens.You can fish as much as possible and even have some  prepared right there on the grills.Kids are entertained with all sorts of slides,swings,climbing tower, bikes,balls and the ultimate chef menu to keep them energized to relax,unwind and rejuvenate.

The images below will help you visualize and consider visiting to experience tantalizing food and drinks,tranquil environment and entertainment.

Earth road Dam redhill

Earth road Dam redhill

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Kids climbing up the tower

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A weaver bird

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The children park

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The dam recreational facility

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Kids day out

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Family day out

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The dam redhill

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Events Grounds

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The floating restaurants

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The Floating Restaurant

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Speed Boat Riding

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Fishing Expedition

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Family boat ride

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The Dam redhill signboard

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