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Search for  identity began during creation and evolution where both living and non-living things were named according to there physical characteristics.Likewise a business identity came with early civilizations whereby traders used engraved stone carvings to coin a business logo or a name.

In the technology era,designing a logo is not the problem but how it will communicate your brand values and culture is the real problem.

Logo designs have in the recent times been improved such as the Cocacola and Shell logos.Recently in Kenya , ARM Cement improved there logo trying to simplify and align it with their values and culture.But the questions to ask during logo development is,whether the will be in a position to evolve with time or it will mean a complete re-branding in order to be trendy and attractive.

A simple logo design allows flexibility and adaptability without loosing the concept during usage and application.Therefore it’s advisable to consult with a brand doctor to realize and appreciate a professionals view to overcome  re-branding which is expensive and time consuming while  trying to change the attitude of the customers to accept and adopt the new identity.

The factors to consider when  thinking about your business logo design are;

  1. A simple logo -to enhance memorability and recognition due to its uniqueness.
  2. A memorable logo -simple yet complex
  3. Withstand the test of time -you don’t have to re-design it now and then.
  4. A good logo should be functional -it’s application across the board,flexible and adjustable.
  5. Finally an effective logo should be suitable in positioning your brand to serve the intended purpose.

With the above considerations you are assured that your brand identity will last and as technology improves so will your business image.

Take a look at Apple logo for instance, how soon do you think they will Re-brand?

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