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Advertising services is the art of taking the product or services to the people   through a platform that is engaging, accessible

and innovative. Advertising is creativity with strategy; winning customers over the competitor; reaching to the mass

with simple messages that educate on uses of the product or service you are offering.

Advertising is the art of influence. sponsorAD is the new form of influence.

An advertising platform that will maximize on engagement with Wo/Men, save money (for advertiser and consumer)

and maximize on time.


Why sponsorAD

The sole purpose osponsorAD  is to expose brands to the consumer in a new way. sponsorAD is maximizing on

time and mass gathering, Ads will be tailored to a certain geo location that will be measured and evaluated

accordingly to determine the level of literacy and brand penetration in order to maximize on results. Further brand

perception will be activated in areas that are remote and yet to advance with modern technology therefore

promoting product and services adoption.

sponsorAD is a modern form of communication that will be available both in print and digital. Our approach will

be to reach all types of consumer segments with Ads that are informative, educative, persuasive and impactful.

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