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How do you ensure you get it right in building a consistent brand? A business should invest in excellent logo design and its application on stationery such as letterheads, business cards, receipts as well as on advertising materials i.e Posters, flyers, brochures, banners…


Brand identity
Brand identity


A good logo design solves two basic needs.

  • It’s a mark of recognition for a business
  • And a constant reminder to your clients about your business products and services.


Principles of a logo  include:

  1. A simple logo -to enhance memorability and recognition due to its uniqueness.
  2. A memorable logo -simple yet complex
  3. Withstand the test of time -you don’t have to re-design it now and then.
  4. A good logo should be functional -it’s application across the board, flexible and adjustable.
  5. Finally, an effective logo should be suitable for positioning your brand to serve the intended purpose.

Therefore a good logo promotes identity application across all platforms.

In the poster, flyer and brochure design, a logo typography selection and visual styles are important in several ways;

  • They enhance effective communication and appeal to customers
  • They help target the audience
  • They help create trust and dependability on the information given.
  • They balance content.

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