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Branding in Kenya has increasingly been adopted to magnify business image during events.How well your brand communicates is determined by the design of your company identity.

The logo should be simple and easy to memorize.It should be visually inspiring to attract brand interaction.The visual language should be in line with the logo elements to amplify brand impact when exposed to the audience.The stationeries should be consistent with each other.The signage should equally portray the complete brand ,with colors and visual language well placed.Online content as well should carry all elements of the business identity.This will help represent the brand in a precise and articulate way without clutter and misrepresentation.

Branding in Kenya has also triggered government of Kenya Parastatals to re-think about the original brand.Several notable Parastatals have successfully re-designed their brand identity completely.The National Bank of Kenya re-invented their brand wheel to communicate a change of guard,strategy and vision of the bank.A memorable logo was their first invention followed by brand application.Today if you pass close to a National bank,you will notice the concepts used to expose the new brand.Inside the banking halls color has been perfectly used. That’s the new way of cultivating customer loyalty. Infact National bank of Kenya  has reported profits and initiated growth to better since then.

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Branding in Kenya
Branding in Kenya