The Best Yego Brand Contest

In the bible we learn about a story of two mothers who went to King Solomon when they couldn’t agree on the baby (Yego).

The baby is Yego brand and the two Corporate giants are contesting the baby who is alive. As a consumer you could

be King Solomon to determine  who is the rightful owner of Yego Brand. But the most amazing thing is that the baby is

responding to the contest.

Celebrity endosement is an advertising strategy that advertisers use to persuade their target audience.

Telcom kenya(Orange) engaged Julius Yego as their brand ambassador to further pronounce Orange products to the masses. All media channels have been used to crusade for Telcom Kenya been the third largest telecommunication company in Kenya. The Javelin itself is a symbol of fastness and on target. Yego is the powering engine, therefore taking control of Orange Kenya as brand celebrity.

All said and done ,yesterday Julius Yego become the creme in javelin since 2004 with a record of 92.72m throw. That did not go well with Tusker brand who quickly celebrated Yego in #YEGOLD phrase.Julius Yego himself has claimed that Tusker brand has infringed on his rights. Below are online images voicing his concerns.What is your thought on this????Who’s Baby is it?

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