The manufacturing industry processes raw materials into finished goods to serve a need in the society.The quality of the product is determined by :

  • Raw materials
  • Technology
  • Skills and
  • Packaging

And for customers to be persuaded to buy and continuously use the product,innovative design of packaging materials is key.This is the determinant factor in which market the product will end up in.Low to  high end stalls.

“A brand is the proprietary visual, emotional, rational and cultural image that you associate with a company or product.”– Charles R. Pettis Iii

At designhub Consult we believe in Partnership towards your brand development.Getting the story behind the brand is critical towards pursuing the Passion to solve the need.The story inspires the visual elements that will reflect the brand values and cultures.

With up to date Software and Skills we are able to instill life in your brand towards the final phase of branding.The technology is evolving everyday with new ways of doing things been simplified.Have you noted about material design?This is powered by Android ,Windows and Ios platfoms. Flat design is the new trend  in communication .We have mastered it  to help develop updated brands.

For Brand Development in Kenya , Brand Development in Nairobi , consult with us and we start the journey together.

You could be looking at the business image and thinking it needs a re-branding; well talk to us .For more information

We also align your brand through Photography and Branding services.Therefore for Photography in Kenya and Branding in Kenya contact us on

Image development funny
Image development funny