Brand Awareness Trainers Kenya

Today, brands need continuous world-class employee education programs. We put you in control of your brand while creating thousands of influencers all telling the same brand story. This is through Brand training services whereby we help your employees understand the WHY. Brand Training Programmes, Seminars, and Workshops are designed to help you understand the potential of your organization, products, and services to employees. They could be valuable independently or as part of a new branding program, A Brand Workshop is the most important element of the client brand process and is designed to be engaging, productive, and rewarding.

We will generate questions and use creative exercises that free thoughts and provide innovative insights towards a tactical formulation of sales and marketing strategy in line with the brand mission and overall objectives. We will work with you to define the building blocks of your brand;

  • Goal
  • Proposition
  • Purpose
  • Positioning
  • Vision
  • Personality
  • Values
  • Audience.

It’s about personality; How to train employees in your brand’s characteristics. As a company grows, it can become difficult to ensure that all employees are engaged in its brand and what it stands for. Ensuring that a large workforce buys into the brand promise, however, brings its rewards – even if these are difficult to measure financially. The training is not costly, It works because it’s innovative, efficient and effective. It’s about everyone sharing the same principles but not sounding the same.”

Brand Language

The starting point for a brand personality training project differs between companies. It is about the language the company uses, both internally and externally, to provide a platform from which to improve its communications. For service industry brands, it is particularly important that a consistent brand personality is conveyed at every customer touchpoint.

Technology Trends

It’s important to have a genuine story behind your brand or company. While new technologies and communications channels such as social media are making a unified brand voice in some ways more difficult to achieve, these same technologies are also making the required training easier. That said, nothing can replace having an authentic and original genuine story behind your brand or company.

To reach learners and connect them to the brand vision, Designhub develops a unique, integrated training that helps employees understand their effect on and connection to your values, purpose, and voice. Design hub brand support solution incorporates an integrated learning solution from a variety of modalities that includes: Brand Manual, Social Learning, Infographics, Analytics, Videos & Online Training. For a brand, training services consult with us HERE