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In business image design, it is crucial that form and function work together. Our innovative graphic design solutions to brand expression are as strategically driven as our research. Investing in a professional brand identity creates a strong image adding value to your business and increasing customer loyalty.

Brand Research

A brand is one of the most valuable assets in a company, but far too often, companies skip essential brand research steps claiming they already know what their customers want and who their target audiences are. But do they really know? Probably not. Why, Because the market dynamics are evolving every day meaning brand research isn’t a one-time thing. Your brand touches every part of your business and every part of the consumer experience to generate interest and build brand value. Therefore, brand research must be ongoing to confirm that your brand continually builds equity and gains value in consumers’ minds.

There isn’t a place on your company’s balance sheet for “brand value” but it’s a powerful business asset that should be prioritized and researched continuously. Remember, the world is evolving faster than ever and that means your brand needs to keep up with consumer needs, market evolutions, and trends. Those things are hard to do if you’re not keeping up with them through brand research. We help determine;

  • Market Niche and
  • Audience Analysis

After segmentation, create messages, promotions, and advertisements that will most likely appeal to those segments and motivate them to action. Once you fully understand your market and your audience; it’s time to define your brand’s position and develop your brand’s identity. Ask us how!

Naming & Tagline Development

A business name and tagline will help you;

  • Communicate what your business offers effectively
  • Persuade the ideal customer  you are trying to reach
  • Help you market your business.

A catchy name pulls a prospect and converts into sales because it speaks loud enough about what the business is all about. A tagline that is effective should enhance memorability and promote the business further. In instances where you need to re-think a name and tagline because of either;

  • You’ve outgrown them: whereby your business is so much more now than what it used to be
  • It was a “test” idea, and you stuck with it or
  • It doesn’t appeal to the ideal customer you are trying to reach: they don’t resonate with it at all

Then you can engage us to help you redefine your business.

Brand Strategy

These are steps to take towards marketing your business. We help you define the perfect route and possible outcomes if the brand strategy is actualized. The brand strategy involves;

  • Situation Analysis (Where are we now?)
  • Objectives (Where do you want to go?)
  • Strategy (How we get there)
  • Tactics (the details of strategy)
  • Actions
  • Control

Logo Design

A selling logo should be simple, memorable, scalable, versatile, and relevant. To achieve this, comprehensive research needs to be done to attain a logo of value and substance. We help define business image through Logo design in products and services and Logo re-designing in instances where a logo becomes irrelevant.

Typography & Color Palettes Selection

We help you identify primary and secondary fonts that will be used in defining your brand. Also, colors that are attractive and relevant in relation to business products and services.

Visual Language Design

What does your business communicate visually? Is it motion or nature-inspired? A signature that differentiates a brand through a visual look. Visual design is applied in all communication materials to gain consistency and increase brand value.

Photography Style Design

A business image should be packaged in a fashionable way that will credit and increase company value. How a photograph is taken, packaged, and shared matters. The do’s and don’ts are precisely illustrated in a brand book.

Stationery Design

This is what gives your business a brand look. Everything incorporates brand colors, style, feel, and look. Stationery design involves;

  • Business card design.
  • Letterhead design
  • Company profile
  • Complimentary Note design
  • Invoices, Delivery Notes, and Receipts design

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Collateral Design

It’s is the collection of media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. They include;

  • Posters,
  • Flyers,
  • Brochures,
  • Banners,
  • Stickers,
  • Billboards, e.t.c.

To have congruency the materials are designed with business core values and brand identity to amplify brand impact.

Packaging Design

A package that is attractive requires an artistic approach that is captivating and appealing to the consumer’s eyes and promotes trial at first sight. The design should reveal the product in a distinct way against its competitors on shelves and in OOH advertising.

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Brand Manual

This is a comprehensive guide towards sustaining the brand over a period of years. Brand Manual is a book of reference that is shared with partners who intend to use a certain brand logo, or placed online. It defines the brand DO and DON’TS. It incorporates everything from the logo, typography, stationary use, Pictorial, Signage, and online application.

For a brand that has a national, regional, or worldwide scale then a brand book is a must-have. The guidelines should always be adhered to by all partners in their communication materials. For innovative graphic design services consult with us HERE